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Complete business management spreadsheets, custom designed
to suit your business needs.
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Custom Business Solutions

If you have a need to record any information about your business, then you will more than likely need a spreadsheet or database to handle the information.

We can create and design complete business management spreadsheets to any specifications to best suit your needs.  Whether you require dashboard overviews, chart representation, complex mathematical functions, wizard-based data entry or web data retrieval, our only limitations are your business needs.

We use one of two (or both if you prefer) spreadsheet programs, Microsoft Excel (95-2010) & Google Docs Spreadsheet.
Microsoft Excel has been the leading spreadsheet program for over 10 years, whereas Google Docs Spreadsheet is currently in Beta stage.  The functionality of Google Docs is constantly improving, whilst its physical appearance and high-end data handling is much more basic than Excel, but it has the major advantage of being a fully online spreadsheet with varying levels of security control.

Customization can include anything from colorization and logo implementation to application-style data entry and visualization.  You can even choose to implement pre-written generic forms/sheets, such as Availability Calendars, Inventory Forms, Employee Schedules and Contact Lists.