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Web Design
Virtual Playa creates business websites. We brand, customize
and develop websites and online marketing campaigns for companies
of all sizes.
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Custom Web Design and Construction

With a custom designed website, we have the flexibility to make the website look and function the way you want it, even matching the style of your existing print materials. You are guaranteed a choice from up to three custom designed concepts, created specifically for your project.

Rough outline of the process:
First we meet and/or talk by phone to discuss the goals and scope of your project. We discuss ideas you may have about the overall look of the website, as well as what content you foresee having on the site.

Virtual Playa delivers a quote. A 50% deposit is standard and you get a detailed contract so you know what to expect.
We present 3 basic web design concepts, designed specifically for your website.

You choose a design and then we work together to modify that into exactly what you are after (perhaps changing the color, slight layout modifications, etc.). You are given many opportunities to provide feedback, so we can be assured that you are getting the website that you want.

Once the general website look and functionality is established,  we then code the site and create all of the pages, adding functionality such as drop-down menus, slideshows, and the written materials that you have provided.

Every website we design and build includes basic search engine optimization (SEO) to help boost your ranking in the search engines such as Google.

Domain Name Registration
The website's domain name is what is often referred to as the "website address". Website domain names are registered through separate companies known as domain registrars.

We can assist you in registering a domain name with the proper organization, and also help you choose a name that will help customers find your website more easily.

Website Visitor Statistics
In order to find out how well your website is working for you, there are a variety of website tracking services that record the number of visitors, what pages they read and for how long , as well as many other useful statistics.

Although optional, we highly recommend using one of these tracking services to gauge just how well your website is performing.

You can find out, for instance, if your visitors tend to just glance at a particular page of your site, or if they actually stay on that page and read the relevant information. Perhaps the conclusion would be that the material is not written in a way that interests your visitors, allowing you to determine whether you need to rewrite that particular section of content.

Website maintenance
Any website we design is owned by you, the client. You are welcome to perform updates and modifications as you wish. However, doing so may require advanced technical knowledge that the average user is not privy to.  

Many clients choose to pay to have their website updates done, rather than going through the learning curve required to maintain the site. Website updates are billed at an hourly rate, with a minimum charge of 1/2 hour.  

Depending on the amount of work involved, we can arrange billing on a monthly or quarterly basis. For most websites, routine updates do not amount to more than a couple hours each quarter. If you think that your website will need updates on a frequent basis, you may opt to enter into a monthly maintenance contract.

CMS , Blogs and Database managed sites
A CMS (Content Management System) allows one, to several, people to contribute material and updates to a website. Updates are done through a simple administration area, so contributors require little to no knowledge of programming or web based mark up languages.  This style of site is ideal for a site that covers a broad spectrum of information (such as a news site), or that has a large amount of content that needs frequent updates in one or more language.

A blog is another style of a site that allows the user to make frequent contributions and changes to the content, as well as allowing the visitor to interact with the site through comments.  Blogs are used for both personal and business purposes. Though generally a blog is a reverse chronological collection of articles or posts, they can also be customized to function like a standard web site, with the advantage that you have the ability to login to an administrative area and add or update content.

Both CMS sites and blogs store their information in a database. There are other uses for databased backed sites, including real estate, classified advertisements, hotel management or any other type of design that would entail frequent updates without the need to contact us for maintaining the content on your site.